AI Powered Vulnerability Management Platform

ThreatScan is
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Cloud-based, AI-powered Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing Platform

ThreatScan Next gen vulnerability management and penetration testing platform.

ThreatScan is a SaaS-based platform that makes your vulnerability assessment and penetration testing easier in USA, India, Singapore and worldwide.

With ThreatScan improve your vulnerability management, understand your application's risk, and also leverage integrations with JIRA and Slack. All of this on a single platform.

When a user submits a penetration testing request, our industry-leading scanning engine scans the assets and identifies all the vulnerabilities. Our certified pentesters will scrutinize the identified vulnerabilities and perform manual pentest and business logic tests on the application and provide a comprehensive online and offline report.
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Vulnerability Management

Threat Scan Vulnerability Management Features

A vulnerability management platform powered by an industry-leading vulnerability scanner enables you to manage your vulnerabilities with a single click.
    • View status of vulnerabilities
    • Request for Revalidation
    • Download reports
    • Executive Dashboard
    • Threat score
    • Realtime notifications
Our Unique Approach Towards Pentest

4 Step Process to a Successful Pentest

onboard threatscan


Our customer success manager helps you throughout the onboarding process. Customers can track in real-time the progress of the testing.

scanning threatscan

Scan and Pentest

In this step, vulnerability assessment is performed using an industry-standard scanning engine, and manual pentesting is done by our expert pentesters.​

reporting threatscan


A comprehensive report with management summary and technical details is prepared by our pentesters and reviewed by senior folks.

scanning threatscan


Post remediation of the identified vulnerabilities, customer can request a retest with a click of a button.

Artifical Intelligence

AI Based Support

Threat scan's AI-powered chatbot Diana will help you throughout the process of pentest, from submitting a test, applying for a retest, downloading the report to getting your certificate of completion.

Natural Language Understanding

Intents for Every Action

Step by Step Guidence

Ticket system if Diana couldn't Help

Mobile Compatible

Even Works on Android and iOS

In this mobile world, security is a top priority for executives and stakeholders to track the status of penetration tests, reports, and status of vulnerabilities.

Threat scan is compatible with your Android and iOS devices and works even on your tablets.

Our mobile apps are available for use in USA, India, Singapore and worldwide.


Designed for CISO's and Security Professionals for vulnerability management and penetration tesitng

Zero False Positive



Our in-house pentesters would manually validate all the vulnerabilities identified and provide you with zero false positives.




Our Ai Powered chatbot - Diana, is available to help you 24/7. You can also raise a ticket, and our customer support representative will get back to you on priority.

Real time Updates



All the stakeholders, such as CISO get their own dashboard to monitor the status of the pentest and threat score of the organization.

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      ThreatScan is Next Gen, Ai powered vulnerability management and penetration testing platform to manage your vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

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