Why ThreatScan

ThreatScan is Designed by industry experts for CISOs, IT managers and security managers. Experts at cyber security hive designed the product by taking feedback from multiple CISOs, penetration testers, and consultants to design an innovative solution that performs automated vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Testers at cyber security hive validate and perform manual penetration testing and provide you with the vulnerabilities in one single dashboard.

ThreatScan is available for use in USA, India, Singapore and worldwide.


Certified and expert penetration testers


An ISO 27001 Certified Company

ThreatScan Features

ThreatScan will help you
to manage your pentest better

Features of ThreatScan will help you improve your pentest turnaround time, ROI, and visibility across the company security posture. Overall, application and test-specific dashboards give you insights on the progress and the status of the vulnerabilities with 24/7 human-based support, AI chatbot – Diana and integrations with JIRA and Slack.

ThreatScan is available for use in USA, India, Singapore and worldwide.

AI based Support - Diana

Diana, our AI chatbot helps you with any query you have on ThreatScan.

Manage your Vulnerabilities

Manage and track all your vulnerabilities with just one click and receive notifications on JIRA, Slack and Email.

Threat score

Get visibility into your security posture of your organisation using our ThreatScore metric

A detailed methodology for your penetration tests

methodology threatscan

Seamless Integrations with your project Management Tools

ThreatScan Integrates Seamlessly with your JIRA cloud, Slack, and Email. 

Features of threatscan

AI Based Chatbot Support

AI based chatbot - Diana. Happy to help you in every step of the pentest.

Threat Score

Get the threat score of your organisations assets.

Vulnerability Management

Industry leading vulnerability engine to scan your assets.


Using our dashboard you can have single pane to view all the metrics.

On Demand Report

Reports can be downloaded on demand for your applications.

Revalidation on Demand

Request for a revalidation with the click of a button.

Online Reports

Track all your vulnerabilities, status of your pentest, and other metrics

Offline Reports

Reports for a vulnerability or a test can be downloaded in PDF format.

Status of vulnerabilities

View and track real time status of identified vulnerabilities.

Excellent VA scanner

ThreatScan is powered by industry leading VA scanner.

Zero False Positives

100% zero false positives on a pentest and vulnerabilities


ThreatScan supports integration with E-mail, Jira and Slack.

Role Based Access

Multiple roles for CISO, IT managers, and security consultants.

Certificate of Pentest

Download a certificate that testifies all the vulnerabilities are closed.

Visualized Dashboards

Track progress of your pentest with intuitive dashboards.

Dark Theme enabled

ThreatScan supports dark theme for your IT OPS monitoring.

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